User guideWhen logged in you can schedule your video meetings, manage your profile and subscriptions.
Meetings tab
Start instant meeting – use this option if you want to have a meeting or video conference right now: set meeting title, description, meeting expected duration. The meeting will start right away.
Schedule meeting
Set meeting title, description, meeting expected duration, meeting date, time and recurrence (if needed).
List of meetings
All your created meetings will appear on the main page where you can edit, cancel, share or start them.
Share meeting
After the meeting is created, you can share it with your colleagues (post a message to Twitter or Facebook, send an email or just download ics meeting file). Advanced and Enterprise user can also share meetings with sms.
Meeting statistic
Available for past meetings. You will be able to see it for your finished meetings – the number of attendees during the meeting, the duration and time they were connected.
Meeting recordings
Advanced and Enterprise users can record the meetings and then review and download the records (.webm and .mp4). All recordings are available on the website for one month, then are removed.
Check connection
Check if your camera & microphone are connected, the quality of your internet connection, as well as browser compatibility before the meeting.
Edit “after the meeting” poll
If you want your meeting attendees to answer some questions after the meeting, you can create a special poll for that. Type your questions and 2-6 answer options. Attendees will see those questions after the meeting. All answers will be sent to your email after the meeting is finished.
Custom room logo
Advanced and Enterprise users can upload their own logo that will appear instead of initial website logo.
Custom color scheme for meeting
Advanced and Enterprise users can chose color that will be the main color in the meeting.
Manage your profile and password settings. Set your timezone (it will be used for meetings scheduling)
Paid Subscription will give you extra features (stated in the Subscription plan description).
Fair pricing allows you to pay only for the accounts used during the payment period. So, if you don’t use some accounts at all, you will get a 100% discount for all those unused accounts automatically.
Enterprise users are able to create sub-accounts linked to own Profile. Sub-accounts will have all basic and advanced features on the website. To create accounts user needs to create user group first.
Enterprise user has all features to manage own groups of sub-users (edit, delete, disable them, as well as add new users to the group and select group admin). Group admin will have the ability to manage sub-accounts in own group.
Create user manually
by adding name and email
Import user(s) from .csv file
All sub-users will receive invitation links. Click on a link will activate sub-user’s account and will allow him/her to set a password
To each sub-account Enterprise user is able to assign more accounts if needed.
Sub-account management includes editing, deleting, disabling and resetting password features.
Meeting Room
There are several ways user can join the meeting:
Join meeting by link
Follow the link of the meeting that user received directly or via social media
Join meeting by phone number
Call to the Meeting and enter Meeting code (available for meetings created by Advanced or Enterprise user).
Meeting info
Appears in right top corner of screen. Contains Meeting title, description, meeting phone number with meeting access code (for Advanced and Enterprise users).
Share YouTube video
Available for Advanced and Enterprise users. This feature allows user to send the YouTube video right to the Meeting room; the shared video will be available for all attendees
Meeting Recording
A Meeting host with Advanced account is able to record a video of the Meeting or a part of the Meeting. After the record is processed, the video file will become available for host to download and then use it for any future needs.
Take a snapshot of the room main section
Screenshot will be taken after clicking on “snapshot” button, user will just need to choose where to save the resulting image.
Meeting settings
Lock/unlock room
If room is locked, new users will not able to join the meeting.
Enable/disable doorbell
If this feature is enabled, meeting host will see when someone tries to join the meeting. Host will be able to reject that user or allow user to join the meeting.
After meeting poll
Should be available for all attendees after meeting is finished / when user disconnects from the meeting (if it was created and enabled by meeting host).
After meeting statistic
For Advanced and Enterprise users, visible for host user only.
Invite user with SMS
For Advanced and Enterprise users, allowed for host user only.
Break Room“Break Room” functionality allows host to separate meeting attendees into several groups; Those groups will have own space with own whiteboard and other meeting features. Users will have access only to one specific room, while meeting host will be able to move between rooms to see what’s happening in each of them. Host is also able to move users between rooms any time. This functionality consists of several features:
Create virtual sub-room
Allows host to create a sub-room where chosen users will be moved
Moving attendees between sub-room
Allows host to move attendees between rooms (attendees cannot switch rooms on their own)
Meeting attendee list
See the list of meeting attendees
All users can see the list of meeting attendees (people who are connected to the meeting at the moment)
Give user video permission
Users with video permission will be able to turn their video on and off (feature is available for host user only)
You can have public chat with all your attendees or have private chat with selected attendee.
Users are also able to send files to chat. Files will be available for download.
Translate messages in chat – choose a message, click the right mouse button, select language, selected message with be translated.
Meeting Room Modes
There are several modes in the Meeting Room:
Great for multi-video conference; you can have up to 9 videos on at the same time;
Document center
Mode that allows you to share documents and media. It also allows you to draw on the whiteboard;
Podium mode
Mode when only one user has his camera and microphone on; Other users can ask questions in the chat or by raising their hands (click on “hand” icon);
Screen share mode
Mode where you can share your screen with all your attendees
Meeting mode
Features in this mode: 1. Enlarge videos of other users by clicking on them; 2. Move videos of other users around the screen using drag&drop; 3. Manage your own video – you can turn on/off your microphone and camera.
Document center mode
1. Use highlighter tool to draw on a whiteboard; 2. Use highlighter tool to highlight the important parts of the document / drawing on a whiteboard; 3. Use shape tool to add shapes to the whiteboard (circles, rectangles, arrows); 4. Upload files to the whiteboard; they will become available for all users in the meeting; 5. Add text to the whiteboard (choose position, edit font size, rotate text); 6. Switch pages of multi-page document (all drawings on the whiteboard will be related to a specific page); 7. Download document (document will be downloaded with all drawings on it, document will be downloaded as PDF); 8. Request document signature (host feature); 9. Upload signature from computer to sign document (available for attendees who was asked to sign the document); 10. Ask your attendees to sign the document on the whiteboard in case you need to commit a decision that was made during the meeting. All users whose signature is required, will receive a request. There are 2 ways to sign a document – you can either upload your signature file or sign it manually. 11. Draw sign to sign document (available for attendee who was asked to sign the document); 12. Print the document (PDF opens in a new tab ready to be printed); 13. Add whiteboard slides (each slide is a separate whiteboard); 14. Switch between slides.
Screen share mode
You will need to install browser extension to be able to share screen (link to extension is available on the “screen share” page). After the extension is installed – you are free to share your screen with the audience.
Broadcast mode
Features that are available in broadcast mode: 1. Choose attendee to broadcast; 2. Enable/disable speech recognition. While this feature is enabled, all that speaker says appears in general chat in chosen language. No matter where your attendees are from and what language do attendees speak – all broadcaster speech will appear in general chat, available for translation in any other language 3. Choose language for speech recognition.