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With so many choices in video conferencing, it’s important to know which one best suits your needs.  The word “Zoom” has become a common household name for video conferencing, but did you know that there are many features Zoom doesn’t have that may benefit you? Read further about key features and differences between ProVideoMeeting and Zoom so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

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Which is Better?

In a nutshell, both ProVideoMeeting and Zoom are popular video conferencing tools that have their own strengths and features. It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some of the features ProVideoMeeting has to offer and a side-by-side comparison of each platform:

Personalized Meeting Link

Make it easy for clients to meet with you. Set up your Personal Room and you’ll have one personalized meeting link to use for every meeting.

No more need to create and send a new long garbled link for every meeting!

Custom Waiting Room

Previous meeting running late?

Not available when a client enters your Personal Room?

Your custom Waiting Room enables users to message you, visit your website, or schedule to meet at a convenient time for you both.

Communicate with guests as they wait to virtually meet with you.

Scheduling App Integrations

Connect ProVideoMeeting with your Calendly, Chili Piper, Google or Outlook Calendar to easily let attendees schedule a convenient time and add video meetings to your schedule.

Use your calendar to start or schedule virtual meetings with just a click.

Play Video

Electronic Document Signing

Execute agreements while virtually meeting with clients. Review, execute, and share documents with Instasign™, the first natively integrated document signing tool for video conferencing.

Answer questions, highlights sections, make changes (if necessary), and sign agreements without ever leaving your virtual meeting.

Enhanced Invite Tools

Invite attendees to your virtual meetings in advance or on the fly with ease and convenience.

ProVideoMeeting is the only platform where you can send invitations via text and call someone into your meeting with a simple phone call. Send invites via email too.

"Don't Use, Don't Pay"
for Teams

Invite your entire team to join your ProVideoMeeting account. You are only billed for those who host at least one meeting during any renewal cycle.

No longer pay for recurring video meeting licenses you don’t use!

Who Should Use PVM?

  • Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and their colleagues.
  • Where Branding is important to personal your meeting experience.
  • People who take pride in their business, using professional apps and services meant for business.
  • People who are concerned about Privacy and Security. End-to-end Encryption and we will never sell or share your information.
  • People who need Live Customer Support. Not an email or long chat session, but a live person by phone.
  • People who need a simple solution that won’t confuse their clients.

Who Should Use Zoom?

  • People who need 100+ participants for webinars and large meetings
  • Using video conferencing to live stream to other platforms 
  • People who require live captioning 
  • If you like to have interactive emojis be part of your meetings
  • If you need breakout rooms
  • If you want to use add-ins where participants can play games together 
  • If you require hardware integration into H.323/SIP systems
  • If you are required to download and install apps onto your machine
  • If your employer forces you to use Zoom

Feature Comparison

There’s no doubt that in today’s world, you cannot work professionally without a video conferencing solution.  Here is our side by side comparison so you can clearly see which platform is best for you.

ProVideoMeeting Zoom
$0 to $14.99/month
$0 to $25.00/month
Download and Web
Team Members
$12.25/active team member/month
Up to $25/license/month
Personal Room


Custom URL


Custom Waiting Room


Document Signing
Built-in Feature
External application
YouTube Integration


Scheduling App Integration


Public & Private Chat
Unlimited Meetings
Call Out (Cell or Landline)
Record Meetings
Maximum Meetings Duration
Up to 45 min (Free plan):
Up to 24hrs (Professional plan)
Up to 40 min (Free plan):
Up to 24hrs (Paid plans)
Up to 3 (Basic plan):
Up to 25 (Professional plan)
Up to 100 (Basic plan):
Up to 200 (Meet plan)
Up to 1000 (Enterprise plan)

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