Unproductive meetings cost your business and government agencies thousands of dollars each year.
We can change that.
Create a webinar
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Make presentations
All your meeting needs in one place
Start a meeting with two clicks of a mouse. SAAS: software as a service, no downloads required. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
Work, collaborate, meet online
Host a video conference or online meeting, share insights on a virtual whiteboard, add sign documents, translate chat, broadcast to an unlimited number of attendees with closed captions and over 75 other features.
The best part? All that time and money you just saved—totally worth it!
Everyone has a voice
Have trouble moderating meetings? Use the “raise your hand” feature so everyone can get a chance to speak. Even better, there’s an in-chat translator to help speakers of all languages join in the conversation.
Did we mention you can videoconference directly with up to 9 streams at once and attendees can even call into meetings via landline? Cool, huh?
Fair pricing
Our pricing allows you to pay only for the accounts used during the payment period. So, if you don’t use some accounts at all, you will get a 100% discount for all those unused accounts automatically.
Real time – for real
Share your screen, upload videos, interact with your audience using a virtual whiteboard, and enjoy your work with no delays. Promise.
Now that’s real time!
A video worth a thousand words
Face-to-face meetings are key to building meaningful relationships. However, organizing them often takes a lot of work.
With ProVideoMeeting your meetings will be a breeze. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, home, or even in some far off tropical beach—you’ll always be just a click or two away!
The go-to video conference software for effective meetings
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