Frequently Asked Questions
What is WebRTC and what does it stand for?
WebRTC or Web Real Time Communications refers to open source communications protocols and application programming interfaces (API) that allow real time communication between users. It enables applications such as video conferencing, chat, file transfers, and other forms by which data and information is transferred across computers. These differ from traditional communications applications in that they do not require external software or plugins.
How is video conferencing different from web conferencing?
Both web and video conferencing make use of multiway communication tools to facilitate group discussions. However, the former is more effective for broadcasting single speakers to an audience, while the later, for two-way interaction between multiple participants. Each has its own merits, but video conferencing generally provides greater flexibility and connectivity.
Can I join a meeting that’s already underway?
Yes. Simply click the thread you want to join and wait for the moderator to approve your request.
Will I get consistent video and audio quality?
It depends on your available bandwidth, but, as a general rule, ProVideoMeeting is programmed to deliver high-quality performance relative to the strength of your Internet connection.
Can I share my screen with others?
Yes, you may choose to share your screen directly or interact with other users using a virtual whiteboard.
Can I have conference calls with more than one user?
Yes, ProVideoMeeting allows you to display up to nine different screens at the same time. If you want more organized meeting, you can use the “raise your hand” feature to focus on the screen of whoever is talking.
Can I meet people outside my organization?
Yes. ProVideoMeeting allows you to invite guests outside your organization to participate in a video conference. If the person you’re meeting already has a ProVideoMeeting account, all you need to do is add them to your contact list.
Can I switch screens between users and presentations?
Yes. To change from presentation/screen sharing mode to video chat, just toggle the icon on the upper right of your dashboard. If you’re in a meeting with multiple participants, you may also select the screen of the user you want to focus on.
Are there extra charges for international calls?
No. All calls on ProVideoMeeting are toll free. Just attach the appropriate country code to the number you’re calling, and you’re good to go.
Can I make a call with a slow connection?
Yes. Just select the low bandwidth option on the upper right corner of your dashboard, though the quality will be comparatively lower than a call made on a strong connection.
Do I have to pay for inactive accounts?
No. ProVideoMeeting’s flexible pricing plans are structured so that you only have to pay for accounts that are in use. If you want to reactivate an account, simply login and the account will reflect automatically on the next billing schedule.
Can I share large files?
Yes. Free account users can share up to 2.0 GB of files for free while paid users can send files of any size. You may purchase additional storage by visiting your subscription plan and selecting the amount of storage you need.
What’s the minimum camera/hardware requirement?
Any standard webcam will work with ProVideoMeeting, but, as a rule of thumb, the higher the resolution, the better the results. We recommend any camera with HD capabilities and a screen resolution of at least 720p.
Are my meetings secure?
Yes. We go at lengths to protect your privacy. ProVideoMeeting is equipped with 128-bit AES encryption so that all communications are kept strictly between you and your contacts.
Can I change my subscription plan?
Yes. Just visit the subscription page and select your plan of choice. The charges will reflect in your next billing statement.
Can I ask for a refund?
You may request for a refund, although these are subject to approval and may depend on your usage. For more details, kindly contact Lois at +1 (866) 265-8060.
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