Check out all these awesome features
HD Video Conferences
ProVideoMeeting gives you access to the latest video conferencing software, including HD real time video up to 1080p and wideband audio. Enjoy seamless meetings and video streaming anytime and across all your devices
Automated Scheduling
Never skip a beat with ProVideoMeeting’s integrated calendar and automated scheduling. Just sync your calendars with ProVideoMeeting so clients to receive notifications and alerts on all your devices.
Fair Subscription
Users and accounts come and go after all, not all team members are created equal. ProVideoMeeting allows flexible pricing and instant billing adjustment so that you can find a payment that suits you.
Boost audience engagement
Translate message threads to any language
Manage multiple audiences using virtual sub-rooms
Use the “raise your hand” feature to facilitate meetings
Virtual Whiteboard
Collaborate online using a shared virtual whiteboard. Sketch flowcharts, annotate documents, create visuals and so much more. If you can draw it, you can do it!
Enterprise Solutions
Use meeting solutions that can handle your brand’s teams and clients. Enjoy tailor made custom solutions that look and feel like they’re yours—because they really are.
Developer API
Easily integrate ProVideoMeeting to your website and other pages using a unique API key. Just paste it onto your website’s code and you’re good to go. It’s that easy!
Improve productivity
Collaborate with remote team members all over the world
Create team chatrooms and post real time updates
Share ideas using an integrated virtual whiteboard
Document Signing
ProVideoMeeting uses the latest digital signature software and ironclad 12-AES encryption. Sign documents, close contracts, and open new deals from anywhere in the world.
Chat Translations
ProVideoMeeting is for everyone, everywhere. Communicate with people from different countries and cultures using real time chat translations. Select a library of over 9 languages.
Transcription In Broadcast
Deliver HD broadcasts with instant subtitles and transcription. No additional effort required. Just turn on transcriptions on your dashboard and let ProVideoMeeting handle the rest.
Share an event with the world
Broadcast events and product launches on YouTube and Facebook
Send exclusive invitations via SMS, email, or social media
Create podcasts, webinars, and online classes for audiences all over the world
Have meetings your way
Hold meetings via desktop, tablet, or smartphone
Share thoughts and comments using a virtual whiteboard
Receive real time notifications on all your devices
Boost sales
Turn regular sales calls into full-HD video demos
Review and sign contracts and sales agreements online
Equip online sales teams with cutting-edge video tools
Consult from anywhere
Communicate with clients online and avoid costly on-site visits
Modify on-screen content using interactive drawing tools
Share documents, projects, and files in seconds
Reduce training and onboarding costs
Interview prospects and applicants remotely
Onboard new employees without delays
Host multiple training sessions in offices all over the world
Adjust your plan to your needs
Pay only for active accounts
Create custom plans based on your requirements
Choose from basic, advanced, and enterprise plans and everything in between
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