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Create one unique link to host all your meetings in your permanent branded room.

Digital Document Signing, Instant Meetings, Calendar Integration and more!

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We Created These Unique Tools For Your Business
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Custom Private Room URL


A private room is like having your own virtual office. Create one unique link to host all your meetings.

You will never have to make
another link again!


Even easier than doing it in person.

Execute documents in flash into everyone’s inbox without ever leaving your virtual meeting.

4 easy steps:

One-Click Meetings

Calendar Integration

Connect GoToMyLink with your Google Calendar to quickly start or schedule meetings.

More Features At Your Fingertips

With Government-Level Security

Safe & Secure

AES Encryption

HIPAA Compliant

End-to-End Encryption

Used By Major Companies,
But Built By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs

What Our Clients Are Saying

Most video conferencing companies say
"It's nothing personal, just business."
It is personal to us because it is your business.

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