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Branding For Small Businesses Through Custom Video Conferencing


With many businesses making the decision to return to in-person contact, many other businesses are also choosing to either stay completely remote or hybrid. Video conferencing systems are relied on heavily for company and team meetings and basic communication with clients when needed. However, it’s sometimes difficult to stay unique and stand out as a business when the computer’s screen is most likely the only form of contact many clients have with businesses and entrepreneurs. So how can small businesses and entrepreneurs form a cohesive brand to stay in their targeted clients and audience’s loop?

Let’s Talk About Branding

Branding is a way for a business to set itself apart from other businesses. Good branding creates a unique, and meaningful experience for clients and consumers. In short, branding is what businesses and entrepreneurs use to establish a unique identity–a brand identity with clients and consumers. Before our reliance on technology due to Covid-19-related restrictions, branding through video conferencing systems wasn’t even thought of. But despite expectations, utilizing video conferencing as branding technology is revolutionary. 

Video conferencing has opened a business or organization’s brand identity to a whole different medium of communication. If you think about it, brand identity has existed in forms of digital media for decades. Through writing, image, and videos, consumers have been able to perceive a business or organization’s brand identity. It’s not far off to think about branding through video conferencing systems–especially with customizable features as a tool to brand and market your business.

Immersive Video Customization Features 

It’s fair to say that many video conferencing systems have updated their softwares to implement customizable features. Being well dressed and groomed on video camera is not enough for your clients or make your business or organization stand out to them. Because really, what sets your business apart from other businesses that clients will see through other meeting rooms through video conferencing?

This is why customization is so important. Figuring out your business’s brand identity is imperative in an age of high technological advancements. Customizing your business’s brand experience through video conferencing tools and features enable your clients and customers to identify and distinguish your brand from other businesses that may not be taking advantage of those features.

Video conferencing features like virtual backgrounds, virtual waiting rooms, and screen sharing are just waiting to be customized to your business’s brand identity. For virtual backgrounds and waiting rooms, take the time to crowdsource ideas with your employees or coworkers to make those spaces unique to your brand identity. When you’re screen sharing a presentation, make sure to think about how your presentation will look and how your audience (clients) will perceive it. Design and personalize your presentations and slideshows with logos, watermarks, and business and company colors. 

All of this connects back to your brand identity and personalizes the experience for your audience. Proactively thinking about how to establish your business from others that your clients may meet will immediately set your business apart. 

Custom Video Conferencing Rooms

Customizing your video conferencing rooms is a form of branding itself and we’ve just discussed how you can go into the video conferencing tools and features to enhance your client’s experience with your business. But to bring that experience a step up, some video conferencing systems offer custom video conferencing rooms. Video conferencing systems like ProVideo Meeting provide the host with a unique link for every meeting.

This in itself is an easy way to customize and personalize your brand. So every time your business or organization hosts a meeting with clients, they will see: provideomeeting/room/YourRoom. Having a personalized room is like having your own office which looks professional and impressive to your clients. With all the work you’ve now done to personalize your brand experience with video conferencing features like virtual meeting rooms and waiting rooms, you now have what appears to be your own personalized url. It neatly establishes your brand identity and with all the customization you’ve implemented through video conferencing tools within the system, your clients and audience will have an experience that is unique to only your brand. 

When finding the correct video conferencing system for your business and organization and making use of all the features and tools offered through their unique software, your brand identity will strengthen and be established. Now, employees and coworkers will feel united under a strong brand identity and clients will easily identify your business. Hosting meetings with clients, creating conferences and events, and marketing will be infinitely easier and accessible through custom video conferencing rooms. 

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