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What Does Good Branding Mean In The Digital Age


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Everyone talks about it, but what does good branding entail?

In today’s digital landscape, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are met with fierce competition. As the market grows, skills grow and it might increasingly grow more challenging to get your name and brand out there. A strong brand is just as important as having the skills and experiences it takes to manage and grow your business. When we talk about good branding, we mean three basic things–what it means for your business in terms of recognition (how to get your brand and your work out there and recognized by your colleagues and potential clients), vision (how you want to be seen), and longevity (the continued success of your business).

The good news is because everything is digital, it’s easier to grow your brand and business online. Marketing and promoting your business becomes more accessible with digital tools, social media platforms, and digital advertising. What you want to know when it comes to digital branding is how to best optimize your business in a way that reaches your audiences and turns them into potential clients. Don’t worry, consider this your crash course. In this article, you’ll learn what you need to think about when it comes to persona branding and tips that will help you grow and position your brand successfully in the digital age.

Let’s get into it.

What you should know about personal branding

Personal branding is all about knowing the value that you can bring to your audiences, basically your potential clients. You want to position your product or services in a way that answers or solves a question that your target audience has and create a brand that echoes those points in creative and memorable ways. Here is what you need to think about when you go about branding:

  • Brand positioning: When it comes to getting your business out there into the great wide web, brand positioning is so important. Brand positioning basically refers to the process of communicating and positioning your brand to your targeted audiences. We’re talking about the value that you bring that your competitors don’t have. Brand positioning in and of itself is a precise practice that when taken the time to learn, is so beneficial to the success of your business. But what you want to do first is think about your audience. Identify who your audiences, your potential clients, are and strategize your marketing efforts, and most importantly, your brand’s unique quality towards them. Appeal to them in the content that you put out such as graphics, ads, website blurbs, etc.
  • Content: On the topic of content, you want to make sure that you create consistent and update content that is geared towards your potential clients and identifiable. Everything that you put out on your personal website, your social media pages, and your ads should address your audience’s pain points and how your services or products could solve them. Think about how you can bring value to your clients and center that in your branding content.
  • Communication: In a digitalized world, getting your business out there is about communicating your brand smartly. You want to circulate the content that you produce and post in such a way that is memorable and consistent with your brand and goals. You have one chance to catch your audience’s attention so make it count. This could mean networking, optimizing the content that you produce, advertising, and outreach. Get to your targeted audiences first by leveraging digital tools such as social media.

The tools and tips of the trade–what you need to know to create a successful brand

Successful branding is all about the efforts and time that you take to create a cohesive and recognizable brand. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction to ensure brand and business success.

  • Leverage social media:
    Social media will be your not-so-secret secret weapon. These platforms were made for communication and when you use them correctly and smartly for your business, you can grow your list of potential clients.
  • Create a personal website:
    A personal website will get you everywhere. It demonstrates to your potential clients that you are credible and professional. You can also post past client testimonials, examples of your work, and contact information so your potential clients can get an overview of the work that you provide.
  • Take advantage of custom video conferencing:
    Custom video conferencing like ProVideoMeeting allows for easy simple personal branding. Features such as a custom URL (which you can stamp on your website or business cards for a professional look), custom waiting rooms, an integrated calendar system, and more can create a seamless and professional look for your brand. A reliable communication tool demonstrates the reliability and seriousness of your work which reflects on your professional brand.

Personal branding in the digital age means success. Good branding can help your business grow and demonstrate to your clients that you are a credible and reliable business. All it takes is a little effort to understand your audience and the value that you give to your clients through your business.


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