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4 Ways To Make Workspace Productivity Easier Through Hybrid And Remote Work


With the way the world has changed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantining, workspaces have completely transformed. Many businesses have given their employees the option of hybrid or remote work in addition to onsite work. We’ve all developed new habits and business owners are seeing that. 

When it comes to remote or hybrid work, communication can be a hassle at times and employees might feel isolated from the ongoings within the company. It’s important to always think about ways to improve upon a business’s inner network and the way it works. 

Here are five ways to make workspace productivity easier when working hybrid or completely remote. 

1. Integrate a company calendar that everyone can see and have access to

Working remotely or hybrid might make things a little hectic since it might take a while to receive information. When you’re in an office setting, you can quickly turn around and ask anyone when a person’s available times are or if someone is working that day. Remote work doesn’t have that luxury but let’s be realistic. Even before the switch to remote most people at work communicate through emails to get the information they need. To make things easier, integrate a company-wide calendar like Google calendar where everyone can immediately edit. Employees can easily see when (and where) meetings are held, add the dates and times when they’re taking PTO or vacations, and literally information that is of importance. With a company calendar, people are more in the loop with what is going on with their co-workers.

2. Keep organized

Keeping and staying organized is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure everyone stays productive. Staying organized online could get difficult because there are so many documents and files opened everywhere and it’s so easy to get lost trying to find the things that you may need. Get organized by using Google Drive to easily file shared documents immediately into their respective folders. It’s great to not only stay organized but to also easily share documents with other team members. Independent and collaborative work has never been more easier if you stay on top of things so be consistent with your organization skills. 

3. Send out an agenda before meetings and stick to it

When it comes to meetings, send out an agenda before the meeting begins. Send out a detailed agenda the morning of the meeting so every team member has access to anything that is necessary. This also allows people to take a look at the topics being discussed and prepare ahead. Sending out an agenda before a meeting also increases productivity because people are ready for the discussion and are able to come to the meeting with ideas running through their heads. Make sure not to stray away from the meeting agenda or go over the allotted time to be respectful of their time. 

4. Implement safe spaces

Working during such a time of transition and change is sure to affect people. Check up on employees and let them know that the company is respectful and compassionate to what they are going through. Implement safe spaces by way of opening your calendars to schedule necessary meetings if needed. Additionally, hold introspective meetings once a month or every two months to get a scope of how the company is running, what are people’s expectations, and what do people want to see from those in leadership positions.

More people are looking for remote or hybrid work and it’s important for business owners to make any changes necessary when needed.

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