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Use Custom Video Conferencing To Create Successful Marketing Strategies


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The world of business has undoubtedly changed. Whether you’re a business owner of a large or small company, a solo entrepreneur, or a freelancer, the way we conduct business has been transformed over the past few years. There has been increasing use of virtual tools to replace past methods of in-person communication. The benefits of helpful software like video conferencing systems and online workspaces have changed how we communicate and build relationships with clients and within our workspace. 

Custom video conferencing has created a new playing field in terms of marketing. Because video conferencing is the default method of communication for many of us, it only makes sense to grow from using these systems. Custom video conferencing systems like ProVideo Meeting offers unique tools that your business can use to its own advantage. Marketing through custom video conferencing is an ingenious way to not only establish consistent relationships with business partners and clients but to also build and market your personal brand. Here are just a few reasons why you should center your marketing strategies and tactics around custom video conferencing.

1. Custom video conferencing offers a unique branding experience

We’ve mentioned this before and we can’t stress it enough. Custom video conferencing is a unique medium to market your brand identity. For example, ProVideo Meeting offers every client a unique url link that they in turn can send to their own clients to attend specific meetings. Businesses will be able to send a completely professional and custom video link to their clients which looks like this: provideomeeting/room/YourRoom. Having a unique url link will establish a level of professionalism and brand identity that you will market every time you send out that meeting link. Additionally, improve your client’s experience while building upon your brand identity further by using customizable features that video conferencing offers. Think about the brand aesthetics and change your colors accordingly, add a brand logo, etc. This all feeds into marketing your brand through a specific platform. 

2. There’s a direct medium to market through 

This echoes the former point. Custom video conferencing is a direct medium which you can market through. It gives you an easy platform to build marketing strategies off of what you are practically using multiple times a day every day. Marketing through custom video conferencing offers you a creative outlet to expand your business’s brand identity and work in unique ways by increasing the productivity of the tools that you use daily. The ideas and benefits are endless–marketing through a video conferencing system allows you to use the context of these platforms to your advantage. For instance, having an open appointment scheduler to meet with potential clients is a way to market through interpersonal relationships which bring us to our next point. 

Image of handshake to demonstrate how custom video conferencing builds relationships

3. Custom video conferencing is a way to establish relationships with clients 

Marketing through highly customizable video conferencing systems allows you to form and build strong working relationships with your clients. It’s exceedingly easy to use for meetings and through customizable features and tools that specific systems offer, you are able to better market your brand image. This establishes professionalism and a consistent image that you want to communicate to your clients. That level of brand exposure will solidify your client’s perception of your brand and business. Through video conferencing, building virtual relationships is easier and will positively impact the way your clients will perceive your brand image. 

4. You have the advantage of video and audio systems

Custom video conferencing gives you the advantage of both video and audio systems and when utilized appropriately, it can play into building a strong marketing front for your business. For instance, you can record tutorials our introductory videos through video conferencing and post them on your personal website. This not only gives your clients a window into your business but it also creates content that you can use to market (content marketing). Content marketing enhances the way you reach your audience and clients, and with the appropriate keywords and platforms, you will drive people to your personal website. 

Marketing through custom video conferencing is a new and creative field where things are just taking root. The possibilities are endless and just beginning. Take advantage of your most used tools and leverage your brand identity efficiently by creating your marketing strategies around custom video conferencing. 


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