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How Custom Video Conferencing Transforms Counseling Experiences


Video conferencing is changing the game across various industries. It’s providing a different way to transform your career and experiences when it comes to working relationships. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that access to technology provides you with unmatched benefits. It brings you a way to continue your lives in the way that you want. Particularly, custom video conferencing is able to transform the way you work and communicate with your clients. It has been proven that custom video conferencing transforms counseling experiences for the better.

Having access to resources such as counseling provides people a way to seek the help that they need despite many different obstacles that they may encounter in their personal lives. Custom video conferencing allows people to access the resources that they need to improve their lives and bring them to a better place. The past few years have been especially difficult on people and through custom video conferencing, access to counseling is more tangible than ever. With evolving technology, custom video conferencing brings specific features that will make video conferencing easier to manage and safe to communicate through.

Here are some of the few benefits that custom video conferencing will bring to your counseling experiences.

1. Access to various counselors

Trying to find counselors that are a right fit takes time and it can get frustrating. Before a wide shift to remote options, people were stuck mainly looking for local counselors. But with custom video conferencing, people are able to have access to a larger list of available counselors despite the distance. They can just do a quick Google search and research available counselors to fit what they need help with. It’s important to keep your options open and sometimes local counselors can’t provide patients with the help that they fully require. Custom video conferencing expands that list and access to counselors because everything is conducted through remote technology.

2. Safe communication through video conferencing technology

People are skeptical about the safety of custom video conferencing. We hear about technological leaks and “video bombs” and that scares people into not going through with video conferencing for counseling. But custom video conferencing provides HIPAA-compliant access with a wide array of government-approved security and protection. For example, many video conferencing systems like ProVideoMeeting will bring you end-to-end encryption and is HIPAA-compliant, protecting patient information during virtual sessions.

3. Flexibility with scheduling appointments

Counseling through custom video conferencing also brings flexibility. Before, it was difficult to get to appointments, especially scheduling them. There are always difficulties with finding time in busy schedules and cancellations were more than common. But with custom video conferencing, patients are able to find better times to schedule counseling appointments. This reduces frustration, travel funds, and cancellations. Virtual counseling brings flexibility to both counselors and patients, changing the way people have access to counseling.

Photo of virtual counseling to show how custom video conferencing transforms counseling experiences

4. Sessions from the comfort of a patient’s home

One major benefit of virtual counseling that people love is the fact that sessions are taking place from the comfort of their homes. People are more comfortable and talk freely when they are in a familiar space. Places like their homes, home offices, or other safe spaces allow them to feel comfortable and safe when communicating their concerns to a counselor. It’s crucial that people are comfortable in order to get the most out of their sessions.

5. Custom video conferencing features provide a better experience

As mentioned before, custom video conferencing transforms counseling experiences for the better. Part of that reason is because of the features that custom video conferencing provides. For example, ProVideoMeeting has InstaSign where people can easily get required attendance signatures when needed. Custom video conferencing also provides a stable way for people to consistently communicate with counselors.

Custom video conferencing has been lauded by many counselors and people support the way things are changing in the healthcare industry. Consider custom video conferencing for your next counseling experience because it will transform the way you seek help forever.


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