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Bringing Doula Support Straight To The Home


As the world transitions to a more digitally reliant society (of course in a helpful and productive way), more people are searching for ways to get medical help online. The health industry saw a boom in telehealth and telemedicine, proving that technology will revolutionize the medical world for the better. It’s become more convenient and less stressful to look for physicians, support specialists, and therapists online. In more ways than one, telehealth and telemedicine has increased access to healthcare by bringing help straight to the comfort of a pateint’s home. Specifcally, there has been an increase in searching for doula support through telehealth.

Doulas are trained experts in providing care, support, and guidance to a pregnant woman during labor and postpartum. Sometimes, doulas provide support during miscarriages and deaths as well. With the way video conferencing has allowed doulas to consistently support and care for pregnant women, women has more access to the support that they need. Doula support and care is specific and their guidance is needed for pregnant women to safely and confidently move through motherhood. With video conferencing, doulas are able to quickly provide care and assistance to their clients which increases their access to help and support.

Here are some of the ways that video conferencing is changing the way that doulas and clients communicate and work.

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1. Doula support from anywhere

Video conferencing allows new mothers and their families to access doula support and guidance from anywhere. Sometimes it gets difficult to look for a local doula that fits their needs and expectations. But through video conferencing technology, new mothers are able to do the research to look for a doula that they feel is right for them. This brings immediate access to care and assistance that they need despite location. It also makes communication easier since all you need is internet and some sort of electronic device with stable video and microphone.

2. Easy scheduling from the comfort of your home

Nothing is worse than trying to schedule appointments because it’s difficult to find a time that works for everyone. And sometimes people end up cancelling last minute. But with video conferencing, people are able to easily find times and days that work for them. Timing becomes more flexible and people are more unlikely to cancel last minute because the appointment is conducted through video conferencing at home. Additionally, holding session at a place that you are familiar with is more comfortable and will be less stressful for clients which is a good thing for new mothers.

3. Increasing access to care through technology

These past few years have proven that technology is transforming our access to healthcare. With video conferencing technology, more people have access to the care that they need. Video conferencing systems such as ProVideoMeeting also provides people HIPAA-compliant access to healthcare providers that is secured and protected. Documents and forms can also be easily signed through InstaSign and calendar integration makes it easier to schedule appointments. Access to doula support is one of the most important things to have for new mothers and their families and video conferencing technology is making that happen.


New mothers and their family need access to doual support and video conferencing provides a safe and secure way for them to communicate and contact doulas. New mothers are embarking on a new and beautiful and journey and providing them with a a way to get the guidance that the need is important to their mental and physical health.


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