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How To Structure Your Home Workspace In Order To Stay Productive


Working from home is the new standard of working for many of us. If we’re not working completely from home, we’re at least working in some sort of hybrid capacity. For many of us, working from home is a dream and makes life so much easier. There are so many benefits that we can gain from remote work. Our mental health improves, work becomes more accessible to people who can’t physically go to the office, traveling costs are reduced, and we get to be more hands-on with the things going on at home. It’s undeniable that remote work is transforming many people’s lives for the better. 

But at the end of the day work is just that, work. We have to sit down and get to business and let’s admit it, it gets difficult at times. As much as there are undeniable benefits, working from home can get trying for various reasons. There could be burn-outs, difficulties communicating with the workplace, and inaccessibility to remote technology like laptops and high-speed internet. However, to the problems, there are always ways to make remote work run smoothly for you and that begins by creating structure within your home workspace. This can be physical, digital, or mental–as long as it brings some semblance of structure to your workspace it works!

With that said, here are a few ways to get you inspired when thinking about ways to bring structure to your home workspace.

1. Create a physical space where you can work

Step one is easier said than done for many of us. When we’re working from home it gets frustrating at times when we don’t have the space to work. This could be for many reasons like noisy backgrounds, distracting surroundings, or it’s simply because you just can’t work (it’s relatable, don’t worry). The first thing you have to do is identify these distractions and either remove them or find a location at home that has the potential to be your workspace. Then create your workspace by consistently working from that location. 

Don’t think that you have to work at an actual desk or worktable in order to be productive or get in the zone to work. Just make sure it’s a space where you can work without interruption or distraction–anything goes really.

Photo of dad working from home at dining table with son on lap for home workspace

2. Bring organization to your home workspace

Being organized is key to working from home. If you don’t have some semblance of a system or organization, it’s best you get started now because things will get overwhelming fast and it will be difficult to catch up. Being unorganized is the biggest cause of our frustration and stress. Save yourself time by being organized from the get-go. For example, since most of us are using laptops to work, utilize the free tools that Google Suite gives you. Pro-tip, use Google Drive for everything that you do because it’s so simple to get organized and file documents into the appropriate folders.

That is just one way to get organized. If physical files work for you, then create a system and update them consistently. Consistency is key in being organized because once you get into the habit of filing your documents, writing down tasks in your calendars, etc., the organization will come naturally. Being organized is all about creating the right habits that allow us to work productively. 

3. Get the technology that you need to work from home

Having the necessary technology that you need in order to successfully work from home is so important. You want to make sure that you have access to high-speed internet, laptops, video conferencing systems, and specific workspace tools. Ensuring that you have the tools that you need ensures that you stay productive and connected to the virtual workspace. Creating a way for your home workspace to support your work productivity is important and will allow you to be successful.

If it gets difficult for you to have access to these tools, let your workplace (HR) know that you need assistance. Many companies take into consideration the technology needed for remote work and will send out actual work desktops and laptops.

Working from home needs structure in order for things to go smoothly. Make sure that you implement these few tips when structuring your home workspace because we all need that boost and guidance when working from home.


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