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5 Things That Attorneys Can Now Accomplish Through Video Conferencing


With the advantages of remote work and video conferencing, attorneys can now accomplish so much from home. Many of us were wondering how the transition from on-site to remote work will go, especially in a profession that relied on face-to-face communication. But as we worked from home, we discovered the golden benefits that remote work could offer. From working from the comfort of your home to creating more access for employees and clients, working from home has been proven to be just as beneficial as on-site and face-to-face work.

Attorneys and lawyers in particular have much to gain from the benefits that video conferencing provides. They can accomplish so much through video conferencing’s unique tools. ProVideoMeeting in particular equips attorneys and other law professionals with a customized experience that contributes to increased productivity and better communication. Through features like a custom URL, YouTube Group View, and InstaSign, ProVideoMeeting allows law professionals to work successfully from wherever they choose to be. Whether it’s still in-office or at home, custom video conferencing has transformed the law profession and brings unparalleled benefits that weren’t thought to be possible pre-pandemic.

Custom video conferencing brings law professionals and law firms unseen benefits that will transform how they work and communicate in law. They will find that through remote technology, they can accomplish things that they couldn’t before. Here are just five ways things that law professionals can accomplish through custom video conferencing.

1. Record depositions

Depositions are a normal occurrence in the lives of attorneys and lawyers. They are a critical part of an attorney’s life. Oftentimes, depositions could become lengthy and expensive expenditures. Law firms could spend quite a bit of their budget on travel funds and keeping depositions going. But through video conferencing, law professionals can attend depositions from their office or home. This greatly reduces the amount of time and money attorneys and clients spend on attending depositions. And with video conferencing technology, depositions can now be easily recorded and used as a direct and primary source of evidence for cases. Attorneys don’t have to worry about missing important information in their note-taking because everything will be recorded and can be referred to for future references.

2. Meet with clients more often

Video conferencing also allows law professionals to have a better relationship with their clients. Many clients are anxious and nervous during meetings but with video conferencing, they are more likely to be relaxed and open because they are in a comfortable and familiar location. As clients are more relaxed, the conversation will flow better and law professionals will get a better sense of what they are trying to communicate. Video conferencing also allows attorneys to build a better relationship with clients because meetings are accessible and so easy to schedule.

Side view of attorney video ocnferencing to show what attorneys can accomplish through video conferncing

3. Communicate more with the legal team

Communication is the key to a successful case and through video conferencing, law professionals are able to communicate and work with their legal team. Collaborative comes easier through video conferencing and it might actually be better. For example, through screen sharing, law professionals can collaborate productively and actually point to documents showing the information that they need. They can all literally be on the same page which decreases misinformation.

4. Present better

Law professionals can present information just as successfully through video conferencing. Advanced video conferencing tools offer attorneys the support they need to share information confidently and accurately. Presentations to colleagues and clients are elevated through useful tools such as screen sharing and YouTube Group view which allows for a more complete and thorough presentation.

5. Attend conferences

Networking is an important aspect of every industry and through video conferencing, attorneys can now easily meet other law professionals and attend conferencing. With the workload that law professionals have, burnout is common and they might be turned off from traveling to attend a networking event or conference. But through video conferencing, they can attend these events from home.


Video conferencing’s unique tools allow attorneys and other law professionals to successfully accomplish their work. As remote work becomes more common, new opportunies and unseen benefits arise that weren’t possible before.


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