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5 Ways To Use ProVideoMeeting’s YouTube GroupView


One of the great things about working remotely is the technology that is available for you to use. Since the onset of the great transition to remote work, the tech industry has churned out innovative technology to support professionals who work from home. Remote technology such as video conferencing systems has proven to be the backbone of collaborative work, allowing people to work from anywhere with the same results as in-person work. Video conferencing systems such as ProVideoMeeting provide users with unique features that help them work more efficiently and productively. YouTube GroupView is a ProVideoMeeting feature that is elevating the remote work experience.

YouTube GroupView allows users to watch and control YouTube videos with meeting participants. Everything is in their control and brings a level of agency to users. With this feature, users are able to get creative and add to their work with videos and imagery that are compelling and effective. As you get started with ProVideoMeeting’s YouTube GroupView, here are five creative ways that you can utilize this feature to enhance your remote work experience.

1. Use YouTube GroupView to create interesting presentations

With everything remote these days, it gets difficult to get people to pay attention in your meeting calls, especially when it comes to presentations. During a presentation, you have so much at stake and that begins with keeping your meeting participants invested enough to keep their attention throughout the whole presentation. How do you keep people interested in a highly distracting environment? The answer is visuals. Add video to elevate your presentations. Video is not only an interesting and creative format to experience with, but it is also compelling and tugs at people’s pathos. YouTube GroupView helps you seamlessly add video to your videos and allows you to control which segments of a video that you want your meeting particpants to watch.

2. Collaborate with video

When it comes to team collaboration, you have to synchronize your work with other team members. You’re probably doing a lot of research to find resources and video is a great way to inform your research and your team members. YouTube GroupView allows your to share your screen and video with your members so everyone is seeing the same video. Video keeps your projects interesting and is a creative format to add to your research. It’s compelling and informative, creating a fun, easy, and collaborative remote work environment.

Image of man watching video for ProVideoMeeting's YouTube GroupView

3. Record and share tutorials with employees

Training new employees gets difficult to manage when working remote. Sometimes its diffcult to ensure that new employees are able to grasp onto remote training. But video solves that problem for you. Now, you are able to film and share training turtorials with your employees. During training, you can share a video through YouTube GroupView in addition to training protocol. With video, your employees can always refer back to the tutorial if they aren’t able to grasp onto concepts the first time around. This reduces mistakes from their end and makes them feel more confident diving into new work.

4. Share product video with clients during meetings

When you’re pitching a product, it gets difficult to show your clients a demo. When you use YouTube GroupView, you can film a demo of a product in action and share it during a meeting call. Not only does you clients get to see your product being used accurately, video adds a compelling aspect to your pitch. It supports your presentation and persuades your clients to close on a deal that you’ve worked so hard on.

5. Use YouTube GroupView to create a closer work environment

Working remote gets lonely at times. We miss working closely with our colleagues and connecting with them. With YouTube GroupView, you can create a closer work environment by streaming a movie bought off YouTube during lunch or even establishing a work event where you can watch movies or just stream trending videos. It’s a great way to get your employees relaxed and to get to know other employees.


ProVideoMeeting’s YouTube GroupView is a great feature to elevate your work experience. Working remotely gets more interesting with video and allows you to create better presentations and pitches, and work collaboratively with other employees. Get started now with ProVideoMeeting to take full advantage of all its video conferencing features.


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