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How Custom Video Conferencing Tools Help Your Workflow


Working remotely or hybrid has become the new normal. Many businesses, freelancers, and independent professionals are all using some sort of technology to conduct business due to the way many people are working from home. One of the most used tools out there right now is video conferencing systems. Video conferencing systems are used by every professional in every industry to communicate with clients and business partners for seamless collaboration. The technology of video conferencing systems has allowed professionals to communicate effortlessly while building relationships regardless of location. When it comes to working remote video conferencing systems and their tools aid professionals in their work by allowing them to reach clients as if they are communicating in person. However, there are so many video conferencing systems to choose from out there, and picking the right one for your business is important in establishing work relationships.

Custom video conferencing tools are a boon when working remotely because it helps you establish your personal brand and build a professional image for your business. Custom video conferencing systems like ProVideoMeeting offers a wide range of custom video conferencing tools to ensure you successfully hold productive meetings, book that potential client you’ve been speaking to, or seal that necessary deal for your business. ProVideoMeeting offers you a wide array of tools to help with your workflow without interruption. Taking advantage of these video conferencing tools will help grow your business and create meaningful streams of communication with your clients and partners.

ProVideoMeeting’s Video Conferencing Tools

ProVideoMeeting provides you with the tools you need to get your job done no matter your profession. Its custom video conferencing tools provide you with an easy way to keep your meetings running smoothly with features that only enhance your experience. When used correctly and efficiently, video conferencing tools will become a game-changer in the way you work. A few useful tools available for your use are:

  • Custom URL
  • InstaSign
  • Calendar Integration
  • YouTube Group View

These tools help provide a better experience during your meetings and establish strong and professional business relationships. ProVideoMeeting’s video conferencing tools offer you a way to improve your communication during meetings, integrate tools to better work productivity, and stay on the same screen continuously. For example, ProVideoMeeting offers InstaSign, a way for you to instantly sign important documents while staying on the same screen. It’s integrated into the video conferencing system, allowing you to keep the attention of your clients and partners uninterrupted. This is especially important because when it comes to sealing that last deal or discussing an important business plan, you can pull up any document you need to be signed without having to link out which could create technical difficulties and unnecessary work.

Illustration of virtual signature to show custom video conferencing tools

How it Helps Your Workflow

Without needless interruptions, you are able to cut out on unnecessary steps which creates a better experience for you and your business partners and clients. Custom video conferencing features like the ones that ProVideoMeeting offers will create a better environment for you to work in by helping you keep a consistent workflow. You’ll be able to enter a call and continuously stay on it without any distractions. Here are a few ways that ProVideoMeeting helps enhance your work experience:

  • Improves productivity by integrating useful tools (InstaSign, YouTube Group View, Calendar Integration, etc.) to ensure that you consistently stay on task.
  • Smart calendar integration makes sure you never run late to another meeting or forget appointments! It’s also so easy to connect to your Google calendar, allowing for seamless work and appointment management.
  • InstaSign allows you to continuously stay on a call without having to move or link out in order to sign important documents. You’re able to pitch, qualify, and close on a deal or a client uninterrupted and without having to remove yourself from the call,
  • YouTube Group View enhances your presentations and pitches, seamlessly bringing in a video to improve your meetings and presentations.
  • A custom URL also adds a layer of professional branding, impressing your business partners and clients.

ProVideoMeeting’s unique features help you provide a productive and steady workflow. It gets distracting when attempting to conduct a meeting call. There could be countless issues with internet connection and unanticipated interruptions. But when you use the right tools, frustrations will be reduced and work will come easier, especially virtual meetings. Working in a remote environment requires you to invest in the right tools for your business so invest in something that helps you produce live results.


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