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What You Need To Know For Successful Business Proposals


Business proposals are a fact of live for anyone with their own small business. A lot of the time these presentations are what allows your business to grow in the direction that you want. Presenting successful business proposals require deep research, knowledge, and skill. But most of all, you want to utilize specific tricks and tools to help you present your proposals. You and your team are in charge of presenting a pitch in an insightful and compelling way that will persuade your clients to close on a deal. There are so many factors that go into presenting a successful proposal and a lot of it has to do with how you present your information to your clients.

Presenting a proposal is already difficult enough when you have to do it in person. But when working from home or hybrid, you many encounter a few more problems than usual. Despite a few more issues, it doesn’t mean that it will stop you from presenting compelling and persuasive proposals. All you have to realize is that you have to come prepared and know how to utilize the tools that you have on hand. Presenting through video conferencing systems seem to be the norm now and you could actually use it to your advantage. You might even be more successful with the unique tools available for you to use.

Here is what you have to know in order to present successful business proposals in a remote capacity.

1. Come more than prepared

You always want to come into your online presentations more than prepared for anything to come. Make sure that you and your team are experts in what you’re pitching and convincing! When you are knowledgable about the information that you are presenting, you sound more persuasive and it will convince people to say yes to your proposal. What you want to do is do your deep research, take the time to go over your findings, and organize it in an attractive presentation. Coming prepared means a few things and here is how you do it:

  • Stay organized! Use Google Suite, especially if you’re working in a team so you can easily share and work collaboratively.
  • Rehearse what you have to say in your presentation. Nothing is worse than awkward silences and it also looks unprofessional. Write down what you want to communicate about your business proposals to your clients and rehearse it as many times as you need to. When you sound confident and knowledgeable, you hook people into what you’re saying.
  • Be concise in what you want to say and make an impact with as few words as you can. If you’re long-winded, people are likely to check out which is not good news for you. So be concise but convincing.
Video presentation through laptop for successful business proposals.

2. Know the technology that you are using

You’re working from home so of course you are using remote technology to work and present. To ensure that you’re working and presenting efficiently, know what type of technology and remote tools that you are using. Understand how to use them and all the tools that they provide you with. For example, if you’re using ProVideoMeeting for your meeting calls with your team, understand that you can use unique tools in the call that will help make communication better. ProVideoMeeting provides a screen sharing feature that allows everyone to literally be on the same page which makes collaborative work easy.

When you’re presenting a proposal, you want to know the unique features of the tools that you’re using because they might help you create successful business proposals. And plus, it helps reduce frustration overall when you know how to use the tools that you work with.

3. Collaborate and communicate clearly

Presenting means communicating clearly and effectively. Business proposals require a clear channel of communication that is well-researched, informative, and persuasive. Make sure that you, as mentioned before, rehearse what yo uwant to say. If it helps, write down what you want to say and memorize key aspects of your strongest points. Effective business proposals require that you are confident in what you are presenting and knowledgable about what you are trying to get your clients to agree on.

Additionally, clear communication means working collaboratively with your team if you have one. If everyone is on the same page and clear communication channels are set up, you are able to present successful business proposals.

4. Consider using different formats for successful business proposals

And lastly, consider utilizing different formats in your presentations. Changing things up will keep your audience interested and hooked which should be one of your goals. ProVideoMeeting as an example has YouTube Group View. You can use video to prepare compelling business proposals which are shown to be even more effective than traditional methods. Additionally, using other formats like video and visual elements help elevate your presentations and close on the deals that you want.


With these few things in mind you will be able to pull of successful business proposals that will help your business grow and develop in the direction that you want it to go. Being prepared, changing things up, and doing your research well ahead will help you make a compelling presentation that will impress your clients and further your business relationships.


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