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How Custom Video Conferencing Improves Professional Relationships


Establishing professional relationships within a virtual capacity can get challenging. It gets difficult to maintain a network of communication because when conducting work from home, things are more relaxed. People don’t place as much priority on maintaining professional relationships when working remotely because of many other things that they have to do first. Additionally, when working remotely, many of us feel as if we’re supposed to be working within a completely independent and solitary context (when that really isn’t the case at all). Maintaining professional relationships is the key to a successful business and will launch your business in the direction you want it to go.

The number one remote tool that many people use across industries is some sort of video conferencing system. People use video conferencing to attend meetings and client calls and because of this, many people are not able to see the ways that their video conferencing system can be used to establish professional relationships. When used creatively and efficiently, custom video conferencing improves professional relationships. A custom video conferencing system such as ProVideoMeeting allows you to use its unique features to introduce and brand your personal business and communicate with other people and potential clients within the industry you and your business belong to.

Here are a few of the ways that custom video conferencing can be used to establish and improve your professional relationships.

1. Use video conferencing as a “first impression” when meeting with clients

Today, when you’re meeting with new clients, it entails that you’re meeting them within a virtual environment. Meeting calls have a reputation for being boring and long, making people want to avoid them as much as possible. But one thing that you have to realize is conference calls are key to maintaining professional relationships. For example, when you’re meeting with a potential client for the first time, you have to impress them and hook them in. With custom video conferencing, you are able to make a strong “first impression” through the tools that they have to offer. ProVideoMeeting provides you with unique features that you can play around with to customize your meeting rooms.

Personalize your meeting rooms by changing the colors to match your brand or placing your logo strategically in the background. You want to personalize your meeting rooms by thinking about the conferencing call as a “first impression” because it could make all the difference in the world to your clients. ProVideoMeeting also provides you with your own personal URL link that has your name or your business’s name which makes things look incredibly professional and could impact the way your clients see you and your business. First impressions in the professional world mean everything so make sure that you’re actively thinking about ways to use custom video conferencing to your benefit.

Illustration of video conferencing to show how custom video conferencing improves professional relationships

2. Establish an open space with your coworkers

One professional relationship that should always be at the top of your mind is that with your coworkers. If you’re in a leadership position in your work environment, it’s important to create a space for your coworkers to speak to you openly when they have issues or concerns. Maintaining these work relationships ensures that your business has a strong and united environment which improves the way your business work. So make sure that you establish an open room policy with your coworkers that allows them to schedule meetings with you. Custom video conferencing improves professional relationships within the workplace by allowing you to customize these specific meetings in a way that’s inviting and reflects team building.

For example, change the colors of the meeting room to something that is calm and open. When you establish an open environment for your coworkers to speak in, your professional relationship with them will grow and workspace communication is more free-flowing.

3. Professional relationships are easier to maintain

Despite all the fatigue around attending video calls, professional relationships are easier to maintain through video conferencing because it’s so accessible. You are able to quickly jump on a call and prepare for the meeting without any obstacles in the way. You are able to establish and maintain communication with your clients and coworkers seamlessly without having to worry about if they can make it to in-person meetings. Custom video conferencing systems like ProVideoMeeting in particular allows you to not only promote your business in every call through custom URL links and customizable meeting rooms but also allow you to continuously stay on a call without interruption. Features such as InstaSign and YouTube Group View allow you to never open another tab which takes you out of a call. Everything can be conducted and seen through the call.

Using custom video conferencing for your benefit

The benefits of custom video conferencing are only growing. They allow you to have better work experiences and establish better professional relationships with your clients. You’re able to personalize the meeting experience for your clients and partners and they in turn have a strong first impression and continuous work relationship with you. Make sure that you use these tips to improve your professional relationships and inspire you to thin about ways to use custom video conferencing to improve your professional relationships.


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